(Miami rentals are no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

We are cyclists and triathletes. When we got tired of paying outrageous airline fees for transporting our bicycles, we decided to create a company to cater to the specialized needs of the tri-athlete and serious cyclist by providing a premium bike rental service.

When you become a serious cyclist or triathlete, you understand that the bike is a harsh mistress. If you don’t train constantly, it punishes you and you lose the conditioning you’ve gained in less time than you had to dedicate to training in the first place.

If you are traveling constantly, you know the headaches and time investment involved in traveling with your bike. That doesn’t even consider the constant gouging that the airlines do by treating your bike as anything but another bag and charging you from $150.00 to $300.00 for each leg of the trip.

When you travel to Miami to compete in triathlons, you pay this high price while also worrying about your bike and if it will arrive with you.

But your travel to Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have to be exclusive to compete. Perhaps you just want to continue your bike training schedule. That’s where RaceBikeRental.com can make your traveling experience more enjoyable. When traveling to Miami, we can help you keep your road bike training schedule without the hassle of carrying and risking your road bike on the plane.

Here is where we can make your visit to Key Biscayne more enjoyable. When you arrive, there will be a bicycle with your measurements waiting for you to be delivered to your hotel.

After your competition or event, all you need to do is call us to have the bike picked up and walk away to enjoy your trip home.

We can also provide you with group rides guided through the beautiful streets of Miami.

When you train constantly you know that traveling can completely destroy your training schedule and renting a heavy cruiser bicycle at your hotel will not help you continue your biking improvements.

Preventing biking overuse injuries is really simple, you need to ride a road bike with a proper fitting (this also applies to a tri bike). The most obvious solution is to carry your bike with you while traveling, but doing that forces you to pay outrageous fees and risk your road bike. Why go through all that when RaceBikeRental.com can provide you with the road bike or triathlon bike that you need without the hassle and aggravation of making your bike travel with you.