Different Bike Types For Different Needs

8 Jun, 2016


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Different Bike Types

Depending on the racing course, there are various types of bikes available that are suited for athletes and professional racers. As you plan to buy your racing bike and join the league of racers, know that there are some common traits that are associated with these tournament bikes. It has to be lightweight and aerodynamic in design so that riders can speed up the cycle as needed without any discomfort. However, the difference in your choice of bike is primarily determined by the type of racing tournament you want to participate in.

You need to understand that there are different types of racing bikes that are designed for better speed, robust framing and comfortable riding. While the road racing bikes use thinner tires to boost up the speed, cyclo-cross racing bikes are built with innovative concepts that suit your purpose perfectly. Here we have discussed some of the most popular racking bike varieties that are used by professionals and athletes of the sports to gain that winning edge.

Road Racing Bikes: To define your road racing bike, the most appropriate words that strikes one’s mind are speed and light-weight. If you are a road racer, you will surely like to have it fast, comfortable and durable. Hence, to give you the best, most road racing bikes are designed with thinner tires that are inflated with high air pressure. Moreover, the tires are smooth and do not have any treads, which makes your ride a comfortable and exciting one. The handlebars of road racing bikes are made low to give you an aerodynamic posture to help cut through the wind with ease and less resistance. Finally, the complete framing of these bikes are made of carbon fiber, which adds to its price value.

Cyclo-Cross Bikes: In a cyclo-cross bike, you will need a proper blend of road bikes as well as mountain bikes. Most commonly termed as the hybrid racing bike, it certainly makes the ride smoother and comfortable on rough surfaces. Some of the high-end features of road bike that are available in this variety include an aerodynamic design with low handlebars. On the other hand, it also exhibits some features of mountain bikes, such as big tires with cantilever brakes that help improve the speed and traction. Another advantage of bigger tires in cyclo-cross bikes is that the brakes do not come in contact with the mud or dirt on the ground, which helps the rider speed through better. The framing of cyclo-cross bikes is done with aluminum, which makes it simultaneously light and robust.

Track Bikes: Finally, you can have your own track bike characterized most prominently for its single gear along with a fixed rear gear. Similar to cyclo-cross bikes, track bikes are also equipped with low handles and aerodynamic builds that enhance the speed and comfort greatly. Track bikes are exclusively designed for professional athletes with a strong and smart framing made of either aluminum or carbon fiber.


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