When you are searching for a bike to rent while traveling to Miami or competing in Fort Lauderdale or even West Palm Beach, we are here for you. We can supply you a triathlon-ready bike to take away the hassle of making your prized bike travel with you. The brands that we offer are:


Specialized is the second largest US Bike manufacturer and third largest in the world, it was founded by Mike Synard in 1974. It started as a bike part importer of Italian parts, and then in 1979 they introduced their first road bike, the Allez, named after the French word for “lets go.” In 1981, Specialized shocked the bike world by mass-producing a mountain bike, which was only produced by a few specialty bicycle shops in California in that time. The Stumpjumper is still produced and continues to be one of the most sought after bikes for mountain and off-road cycling. As an interesting footnote, one of the original Stumpjumper bikes is exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum, in Washington, DC.

Specialized won the Tour de France manufacturer championship in 2010 under Alberto Contador, who later was stripped of the title for testing positive for doping. Nevertheless, the title was then awarded to Andy Schleck, who also rode a Specialized. This was the only time that Specialized bikes have won the Tour de France championship. It is important to mention that Specialized has won many of the other Classics of the European circuit.

Specialized manufactures bikes for all cycling disciplines, road, triathlon, track, time trial, cyclocross, mountain, and also manufactures bicycles for commuting and general transportation.

Specialized Road Bikes

For 2013, Specialized offers bikes made of carbon, aluminum and steel.

Specialized Carbon Road Bikes

Specialized Venge
The Venge is Specialized’s entry in the aero road bike segment. The bicycle was developed with the McLaren Formula 1 engineering team, which produced a very responsive and extremely stiff frame with a very low aero profile. Mark Cavendish won the Green Jersey in 2011 while riding a Venge and now with Quick Step Pharma this bike should win more prizes for Specialized in the 2013 Cycling season

Specialized Tarmac
This is the flagship racing bike for Specialized. They had tweaked and adjusted this model for many years. Their only victory on the Tour de France was achieved on this bike.

Specialized Amira
The Amira is the feminine version of the Tarmac, but don’t think this is a delicate bike. The Amira is as stiff and responsive as any competitive bike with just some geometric adjustments to accommodate the anatomic differences between men and women

Specialized Roubaix

The Roubaix was named for the “Hell of the north” race from Paris to Roubaix over the famed cobblestones. This is the most famous for racer Tom Boonen, who has won the classic four times on this bike. It happens to be the best seller of Specialized. Some think of it as a “plush bike” but it really is as close as it gets to a perfect bike. It can be riden for many miles without the regular punishment of other Carbon frames thanks to Zertz inserts in the frame that help control vibration while keeping an amazing acceleration.

Specialized Ruby

The Ruby is the anatomically correct female version of the Roubaix. It still has all the benefits of the Roubaix but is optimized to accommodate the particular needs of the female body

Specialized Aluminum and Steel Frames

Specialized Allez

This was the first road bike manufactured by Specialized. For many years it was made of steel, until recently it became one of the most advanced aluminum frames with the same geometry as the Tarmac, but manufactured in a more affordable aluminum. Still this bike is the choice for the enthusiast who needs a racing geometry with an affordable pricing

Specialized Allez Steel

Going back to its roots, Specialized created for 2013 a steel bike with an absolute retro look. With the small diameter tubes, old style lettering, even the shifters on the down tube, this is the perfect bike for when you want to go retro while having no worries about the age of your steed.

Specialized Secteur

Think all the amenities of the Roubaix on an aluminum frame, with an aluminum pricing. This bicycle is the perfect companion for the just-initiated enthusiast with specific needs for long rides at a reduced budget.

Specialized Dolce

The Dolce is the response to the needs of the female rider who wants a multipurpose bike good enough for a first triathlon and resistant enough for an everyday commute.

Specialized SHIV

This is such a revolutionary Time Trial bike that it caused the ever-changing UCI Rule book to be activated just to ban it. The SHIV bike is so aerodynamic and comfortable that the UCI banned it from competition due to an arcane interpretation of the multi flexible rule book, to the point that Specialized offers this bike only as a Triathlon bike. It is so adaptable that you will feel comfortable for long stretches in a tuck position. If you want to rent a SHIV Bike for your competition in Miami or in Fort Lauderdale, please reserve it as soon as possible since these bikes get rented before any other. Just as a foot note, this is the bike that two-time Kona Champion Craig Alexander rides. Enough said.

Specialized SHIV TT

This is the toned down version of the SHIV bike made for Time Trials that are ruled by the always-changing UCI flexible rule book. It is still a very comfortable bike, just a lot less aerodynamic than the regular SHIV Bike.

Specialized Transition

The Transition bike was the triathlon and TT bike intended to be replaced by the SHIV. But as explained before, it couldn’t be.

Specialized also has a complete line of off-road and mountain bikes as well as the Flobe line of commuter and Hybrid bikes.


Cannondale Bikes made its debut in the loft of a pickle factory where they started as a camping equipment manufacturer. Their first cycling related item introduced was a kids trailer named Bugger. Since then, the brand value of the company has witnessed steady growth with new models and options getting launched over the years.

It was in 1983 that Cannondale released its first road bicycle. The bicycle’s unique combination of design, superior build and strong frame proved to be an eye-opener for the industry. It is comprised of handcrafted frames made of aluminum and designed in an oversized manner, so the bicycle is strong and lightweight. This was the first time that aluminum road bikes were produce in a mass scale. At that time only steel and titanium bikes were mass produced.

Cannondale bikes is part of Dorel Industries, a Canadian conglomerate that owns the most of the old bicycle brands now manufactured exclusively in China. These brands, which are now mass marketed in Wal-Mart and other mass merchants, are:

• Schwinn
• Mongoose
• Iron Horse Bicycles
• Kid Trax
• Playsafe
• Pacific
• Roadmaster
• Powerlite[13]

Of all these brands, Cannondale is the only one still sold through independent bike shops and is the only brand that still has a true Research and Development program. All the other ones are Chinese clones with different stickers.

Cannondale mountain bikes have captured 11 World Championships, 17 World Cup Series overall titles, 16 National Championships, and two Olympic medals as well as overall victory in the Cape Epic stage race.] The company’s road racing bikes have won 11 stages at the Tour de France, 27 stages at the Giro d’Italia, two Giro d’Italia overall victories, a Professional World Championship title, and two Italian National Championships. Cannondale currently sponsors the Cannondale Factory mountain bike team, Liquigas Cannondale road racing teams, and selected regional amateur teams.

Cannondale Models

Cannondale CAAD 10

CAAD stands for Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design. Since its inception, this has been one of the benchmarks for aluminum bikes in the industry. They introduced the mitted and welded frame building technique, which is now standard in the manufacturing of all aluminum bikes. Ultimately, the CAAD 10 has again set a benchmark for innovation and design in aluminum frames as most of the industry is concentrating their efforts in Carbon frames. The CAAD 10 is truly an innovation. The bike is stiff, light and comfortable, with a minimum weight difference with its Carbon counterparts. With a geometry very similar to the top of the line Super Six bike, the CAAD 10 is a good choice for any enthusiastic cyclist that does not want to expend a huge amount of money in a carbon frame but still wants to get a race ready bicycle.

Cannondale CAAD 8

This is the entry level bike for Cannondale, with a very light and stiff frame that will turn “people into cyclists.” I really like this bike marketing phrase…

Cannondale SuperSix

The SuperSix has the same Geometry and specs of the top of the line EVO, with a less expensive carbon layout, that allows the bicycle enthusiast to enter the carbon frame group. The bike is very stiff, which translates into great acceleration, and the hourglass shaped seat stays allows for longer rides without punishing you as most stiff frames do.

Cannondale Super Six EVO

According to the German TOUR Magazine, this is the best bike in the world. If you add that it has twice won the Gold Medal from Eurobike, it gives Cannondale tremendous bragging rights.


Cervelo bicycles are designed in Canada, and according to Wikipedia, The name Cervélo is a portmanteau of cervello, the Italian word for brain, and vélo, the French word for bike.

Cervelo was originally founded by two engineers, Gerard Vroomen from the Netherlands, and Phil White, who did something amazing for the time in the middle of the dotcom bubble. They created a company to actually pour engineering and creativity into manufacturing a tangible product. Then they became the youngest bike manufacturer to have their own Pro level Cycling team.

The Pro Team was dedicated not so much toward winning as to be a test bed and help with the development of new bikes. At the same time, the development team was the main cause for Cervelo to be absorbed into the Dutch conglomerate PON Bicycle Group, which also owns Gazelle, Raleigh, Univega and Focus Bikes.

Cervelo has four series of bikes: The S descendant of the highly acclaimed Soloist, which then became the trend-setter in the Aero Road segment; The R, which is a pure road bike; The T series, which specializes in track competitions; and the bestselling and much acclaimed P series, dedicated to Time Trials and Triathlons. A Cervelo bike won the Tour de France in 2008 under Carlos Sastre, and the Green Jersey in 2009 with Thor Hushovd. Cervelo has also won the Ford Triathlon World Championship in Kona under Chrissie Wellington, who also posted the fastest split time that year on a P2C, and the 2012 Giro de Italia.